Wednesday, July 11, 2007

If I Were . . . Addicted to Bath & Body Products!

Oh, wait - I AM!!!! lol

Ok, here are a few things I have tried or want to try from the great Bath & Body folks at Etsy!!

I just ordered this deodorant from Sugarlips. I've been waiting to buy this for some time, and I finally got the money! Grapefruit Ginger was my scent choice, but she has plenty more! :)

Click the pic to visit this listing!

I have ordered this soap from Flameworks in the past. First off, it is very professionally packaged. The soap itself is gorgeous. I almost didnt' want to use it. Then you try it and it just is so silky and lovely to use and the scent is perfect! It also rinses clean, which is a big big plus!

I need to order more soon! Click the pic to go see for yourself!

So, what else do I need? Oh yeah! Shaving soap! I've never tried it before, and I am anxious to give it a try. Anything I can buy on Etsy instead of in a drugstore is good for all of us! :)
So my next purchase is going to be a bar of this by Gudonya. This one is Lavender Hills, but there are other scents available!
Click the pic to check it out!

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