Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kids Are Funny!

So the baby and our five-year-old had been playing upstairs. I'm not overly worried as I hear lots of baby giggles and no loud thumps.

Until later, when I realized that the baby's hair is gooey and she smells like lavender.

"Isaac," I call. "What did you do to Miri?"

"Nothing!" he calls back.

My husband, in a moment of sweet genius, takes a different tack.

"Isaac, come here. Why is Miri's head sticky? Did you put something on her head?"

"Dad," he says, matter-of-factly. "I was babytizing* her!"

Of cooooourse! It all makes perfect sense now! We can't have Miri crawling around without being babytized! Heavens, no!!

I just have to say that as often as my kids drive me nutso, they also make me laugh on a daily basis! :)

*Babytizing apparently means anointing her head with baby wash found on her changing table. At least he didn't use the butt cream.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This Is What Happens When You Get Up at 5 AM Every Freakin' Day

Dear Son,

Please sleep later in the morning. This way you can avoid these crash'n'burns in the middle of the floor surrounding by spilled Cheerios. Also, I'd enjoy sleeping longer in the morning.

Thank you,

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Impartiality of a Three Year Old

We took the kids over to my folks' house today. I'd like to say it was to watch the Super Bowl, but I'd actually forgotten that it WAS the Super Bowl, so watching the game over there was just a bonus. It was nice to see the game on my Dad's giant flat screen though.

None of us were die hard fans of either team. We decided to root for the Cardinals just because they'd never won a Super Bowl before. The boys spent most of the time in the living room watching a kiddie video and playing, but by the fourth quarter, they'd decided to move into the TV room to be nearer the adults. Mostly this meant standing in front of us, climbing into our laps and talking into our faces, and occasionally being distracted by a game known as "toss the stuffed animals down the stairs over and over."

When the Cardinals made the long running pass for the touchdown that put them in the lead, we all were shouting and cheering. My three year old runs over and starts wildly clapping and spinning in circles doing a crazy dance. It was so precious.

However, we soon realized his joy was not specifically for the Cardinals, because when the Steelers then scored a touchdown minutes later, he clapped enthusiastically and yelled, "Yay! You DID it!"

Which really drove home the point that sometimes it is important to not choose sides, but just to be encouraging and supportive of everyone and cheer them all when they do well! :)