Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kids Are Funny!

So the baby and our five-year-old had been playing upstairs. I'm not overly worried as I hear lots of baby giggles and no loud thumps.

Until later, when I realized that the baby's hair is gooey and she smells like lavender.

"Isaac," I call. "What did you do to Miri?"

"Nothing!" he calls back.

My husband, in a moment of sweet genius, takes a different tack.

"Isaac, come here. Why is Miri's head sticky? Did you put something on her head?"

"Dad," he says, matter-of-factly. "I was babytizing* her!"

Of cooooourse! It all makes perfect sense now! We can't have Miri crawling around without being babytized! Heavens, no!!

I just have to say that as often as my kids drive me nutso, they also make me laugh on a daily basis! :)

*Babytizing apparently means anointing her head with baby wash found on her changing table. At least he didn't use the butt cream.


Jewelry by Jozie said...

Oh, that's funny. My little cousin and her friend decided to paint her room using Barbie dolls as paint brushes a couple months ago. Atleast yours was easier to clean. lol

JillHannah said...

That's entirely fabulous.

I imagine your house has fabulous smells wafting everywhere all the time.

Rainbow Swirlz said...

Hahaha, too cute!!:)

Klamath River's Finest Soaps, Lotions and Lips said...

God gave us kids to teach us humility,and patience, but mostly for the humor! My mother still teases me about when we (bro and I) painted the kitchen with chocolate pudding many years ago!

Didja get pix? That would be priceless to see!