Sunday, January 28, 2007

Newest Scent to my Lotion Line!!

Can you say YUMMY? Good! Now, can you say CHOCOLATE ORANGE??

This newest scent is so delicious my mouth is watering just writing about it! The best testamonial (although this might be a deterrent to all those New Year's dieters) is that while making my first batch, my husband caved and had to run to the grocery store - 10 miles away - to get a chocolate orange candy bar!

A link to my new 8 oz Chocolate Orange Lotion! :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Just listed a new scarf!

Here is a picture of my newest scarf on Etsy! :)

I have a third one finished and coming soon!

All right, kids are in bed and they are both asleep! I am going to go have some fun - put my feet up, make some food that I don't have to share, pop in a non-cartoon video, and prompty fall asleep! hehehe.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

On A Roll

I am so happy! I have sold FOUR bottles of lotion in four days! My Etsy store seems like it is taking off, and I couldn't be more thrilled. So thrilled, in fact, that I plan on shutting down my eBay store next month. :)

If you are interested in some lovely handmade lotion, please check out my Etsy store at - I love making my lotion, I love using my lotion and I love selling my lotion to people who will (hopefully!) love using my lotion, too!

Ok, I better get my buns into the kitchen to make more lotion!! (How many more times do you think I will say "lotion" in this post? lol)

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I burnt myself on the edge of our wood stove this afternoon. My palms both have lovely thin burn lines across them. Thanks to God that they are THIN burns, not a large surface burn, but it still hurts. Plus I have these gigantic bandaids on them and so I am trying to care for my boys with awkward bandaged hands. Grrrrr. I am so mad at myself for being so clumsy.

I made a couple more sales and now I have to try to finish up my lotion labelling and packaging with bandaid hands, too. Should be interesting. :) I may have to email the recipient and apologize for the condition and placement of the label on the bottle, hehe.

Ok, better get to it since it will probably take three times longer than usual and I am hoping to make it to the post office today!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wheeee! Snow!!

I love snow. I love to see my yard covered in snow. So I was thrilled when it snowed all day yesterday. We now have seven glorious inches covering all the trees, grass, deck, fence - it is so beautiful! And instead of warming up immediately and melting away, it is a nice and toasty 20 degrees out. So the snow is still all sparkly fresh!

Ok, so some things I don't like about snow and cold weather. . .our electric bill, for one. Icy roads for another. Not being able to take the boys outside to play in it because it is TOO cold, yet they still can see it out the window and ask to go outside every 10 minutes.

Thaddeus (17 months) wasn't too thrilled about it yesterday. I pulled him around in his little sled and he was barely ok with that, but when I tried to get him to walk in it, he just stood still, like a stuffed bunny in his big puffy snowsuit, and refused to move. Isaac, however, finally has turned the corner. He is three and thinks snow is about the best thing EVER - which thrills his dad, because he is exactly the same way.

My husband is nuts over snow. If it is on the verge of snowing, he won't even sleep. He just lays in bed, staring out the window, waiting. It drives me crazy because if it does snow, he is too tired the next day to even really enjoy it, and if it doesn't snow, well, then he is just tired and crabby.

Anyway, here is a picture of our yard in the snow! :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Picture Day

Today we finally have a bright day, so I am hoping to take pictures of all the things I've finished and need to list. I have one scarf and several ACEOs to list. It is my first venture into selling in both areas, so I am excited and a little nervous to see how it goes. I will list these on Etsy only, since I htink that is the best and only place they will really sell. The ACEO prints I might sell on eBay, but I think I will reserve all originals for Etsy.

On the home front, the boys are finally over their colds. Me and hubby are draggin' still, but hopefully on the mend. Our youngest is watching Elmo right now and is in Elmo heaven. Our 3 year old is laying on his package of pull-ups under a blanket - one of his favorite things to do. Toddlers are so weird. We really hope he outgrows this strange habit before his peers find out about it. I can just picture him as an 9-year-old going to a sleepover at a friend's house and bringing his pull-ups along in the bottom of his sleeping bag, LOL.

Well, my tummy is rumblin' so I better go find something nutritous to put in it. Donut anyone? Hehe.

Sunday, January 7, 2007


Well, after surviving both boys having a nasty head cold, watching my husband succumb to it, and fighting it off myself for days, it happened. I woke up sick this morning.

So I missed church again (last week the boys were sick). Which is sad, because our pastor is leaving at the end of the month for 18 month service in Iraq as a chaplain. So now I only have two more chances to hear him preach before he leaves. I am so sad.

And it just won't stop raining! Usually I love rain (hence my name!) but I think we've gotten over 6 inches in the last week - four inches in one day alone!

HOWEVER - on a BRIGHTER NOTE!!!!! :) I sold some of my cards and lotion on eBay this morning, so that made me really happy! Plus, my three year old informed me out of the blue that I was "the best mama in the whole world." :) Awwwww, even with fishbowl head, I feel better all of a sudden!

God bless everyone who reads this!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

I love Saturdays!

I just love Saturdays. They are lazy days for me. My husband gets up with the kids so I can sleep in - one of my favorite things to do! :) Then I spend the day just lazing around, knitting, laying on the couch snuggling my kids, goofing off on the computer. I eventually make food for us all to eat. We usually end up eating breakfast for dinner - eggs or pancakes. It's great!

If I've made any sales on my handmade lotion since Tuesday, I have to go into town and go to the post office. I usually bring my three year old along, and we swing through the coffee shop on our way home to get mochas for Mama and Daddy and cookies for the boys. What better way to celebrate a sale than by spending my profits on goodies??? LOL

Then, in the evening, after the boys are in bed, I get to work on a puzzle. This is something I haven't gotten to do in three years, because it is impossible with little kids around. But for Christmas, my dad made the most beautiful wooden puzzle keeper, so now I can put the puzzle together on a felt-lined tray which slides into a storage case and I can slide the whole thing under my couch for safekeeping during the day! I am so happy!!

What do YOU do on Saturdays?? :)

First Blog Post! Yippee!!

I love blogging. It is a fantastic way to let everything flow out of me into the spacelessness of the internet. :)

Of course, for those of you reading this, maybe it is not so fantastic, LOL. I will try to be intelligable and not ramble too much.

I have my own business and invite you to check it out! I make my own lotion, from scratch - my own recipe, photo note cards, and I knit scarves. How's that for variety?

Feel free to check out my shops at any of the following locations:

Thanks for stopping by and check back soon to read more about me and my exciting life! :) Ok, it isn't all that exciting, but sometimes it is interesting and funny - I promise! Come Back! Soon! PLEASE!

I'm not desperate or anything, am I?