Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Picture Day

Today we finally have a bright day, so I am hoping to take pictures of all the things I've finished and need to list. I have one scarf and several ACEOs to list. It is my first venture into selling in both areas, so I am excited and a little nervous to see how it goes. I will list these on Etsy only, since I htink that is the best and only place they will really sell. The ACEO prints I might sell on eBay, but I think I will reserve all originals for Etsy.

On the home front, the boys are finally over their colds. Me and hubby are draggin' still, but hopefully on the mend. Our youngest is watching Elmo right now and is in Elmo heaven. Our 3 year old is laying on his package of pull-ups under a blanket - one of his favorite things to do. Toddlers are so weird. We really hope he outgrows this strange habit before his peers find out about it. I can just picture him as an 9-year-old going to a sleepover at a friend's house and bringing his pull-ups along in the bottom of his sleeping bag, LOL.

Well, my tummy is rumblin' so I better go find something nutritous to put in it. Donut anyone? Hehe.

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