Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wheeee! Snow!!

I love snow. I love to see my yard covered in snow. So I was thrilled when it snowed all day yesterday. We now have seven glorious inches covering all the trees, grass, deck, fence - it is so beautiful! And instead of warming up immediately and melting away, it is a nice and toasty 20 degrees out. So the snow is still all sparkly fresh!

Ok, so some things I don't like about snow and cold weather. . .our electric bill, for one. Icy roads for another. Not being able to take the boys outside to play in it because it is TOO cold, yet they still can see it out the window and ask to go outside every 10 minutes.

Thaddeus (17 months) wasn't too thrilled about it yesterday. I pulled him around in his little sled and he was barely ok with that, but when I tried to get him to walk in it, he just stood still, like a stuffed bunny in his big puffy snowsuit, and refused to move. Isaac, however, finally has turned the corner. He is three and thinks snow is about the best thing EVER - which thrills his dad, because he is exactly the same way.

My husband is nuts over snow. If it is on the verge of snowing, he won't even sleep. He just lays in bed, staring out the window, waiting. It drives me crazy because if it does snow, he is too tired the next day to even really enjoy it, and if it doesn't snow, well, then he is just tired and crabby.

Anyway, here is a picture of our yard in the snow! :)


PG Cork said...

That's a lovely, snowy photo! No snow at my house here in Portland, it just missed us, but, it's been cold... A nice slice of life post!

Penny :)

Renee G said...

I agree, it's a great photo.

It doesn't snow where I am, but it does get very, very, very cold.

One day I would like to see/touch snow!