Sunday, January 7, 2007


Well, after surviving both boys having a nasty head cold, watching my husband succumb to it, and fighting it off myself for days, it happened. I woke up sick this morning.

So I missed church again (last week the boys were sick). Which is sad, because our pastor is leaving at the end of the month for 18 month service in Iraq as a chaplain. So now I only have two more chances to hear him preach before he leaves. I am so sad.

And it just won't stop raining! Usually I love rain (hence my name!) but I think we've gotten over 6 inches in the last week - four inches in one day alone!

HOWEVER - on a BRIGHTER NOTE!!!!! :) I sold some of my cards and lotion on eBay this morning, so that made me really happy! Plus, my three year old informed me out of the blue that I was "the best mama in the whole world." :) Awwwww, even with fishbowl head, I feel better all of a sudden!

God bless everyone who reads this!

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