Monday, December 10, 2007

My 1 Year Etsyversary!

Wheee! I love a good reason to celebrate - and reaching one full year of selling (and buying) on Etsy is a very good reason! :)

I have LOVED being on Etsy! I am so thankful I found it - thanks to an eBay customer! Because of her, I was able to leave eBay behind and sell successfully on a site that just "fits" me so well!

In my first year on Etsy I have:

Sold 353 items
Bought 90 items
Received 727 hearts
Given 237 hearts

And had so much fun, shared so many laughs, and made lots of friends! :)

Oh, and to celebrate, check out my Etsyversary sale in my shop!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Reason #683 Why I Love 4 Year Olds.

My son cracks me up.

We "encourage" him to eat food (he is a little bird eater who will sometimes take maybe three bites of a meal all day long, yet want to snack constantly) by telling him that eating healthy will help him grow tall or grow as strong as Daddy.

So yesterday he ate all his Mac'n'Cheese (I know, big sacrifice, right?) and he gets down and runs around the table to me and points to his toes.

"Look how tall I've grown Mom!"

As though the distance from his eyes to his toes had increased significantly! LOL - Yup, those toes sure look farther away, he must have grown taller!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mega BlowOut Sale!!

Who doesn't like FREE?

I am offering all my JEWELRY BOGO FREE!!

That is right! Buy any piece of jewelry and get a 2nd piece of jewelry equal or lower price FREE!

Why? I have new Bath & Body lines coming soon and need to re-focus my shop!

Visit RightAsRainCreations Shop for details!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lavender Dreams

I am dancing in the streets! Our little unborn babe is a GIRL!!!

After two boys, I am SO EXCITED to do some baby girlie shopping! :) Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my boys. But shopping for girls is just more fun, lol.

So far I have bought her one pair of maryjane booties on Etsy and a couple of outfits at the local consignment store. I am *trying* to be good and not buy more until I have all my Christmas shopping done first. I figure I should probably buy the gifts I need for those already born FIRST, tee hee.

That being said, I need lots of money so I can shop till I drop!

So I am offering BOGO 1/2 OFF on ALL JEWELRY in my Etsy shop!!!
Buy a piece of jewelry and get 50% off another piece of equal or less value! Wheeeee!!


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Want to SAVE MONEY?!?

Then stop by my shop tonight! From 5 pm EST tonight to 6 am EST tomorrow, I am having a great sale! :)

*!* Saturday Night Special *!* BUY MORE SAVE MORE *!*

-> Buy 1 item, get 15% off

-> Buy 2 items, both are 20% off

-> Buy 3 items, get 25% off entire order!

-> Every item over 3 will be 30% OFF!!*

*Three highest priced items will be 25% off, everything else will be 30% off. :)

*!* Just put "SNS" in notes to seller and I will send an adjusted invoice. Please tell me if you'd prefer Google instead of PayPal. Sale ends 6 am EST.

Visit RightAsRainCreations now!

Monday, October 1, 2007

And the Winners Are. . .!

The top three vote-getters in my scent contest were:

Brown Sugar Spice
Vanilla Hazelnut
Plumberry Spice

Gingerbread Spice tied with Plumberry Spice, but since I already have a Ginger Creme scent in my shop, I gave Plumberry Spice the win. :)

Thank you all for voting and I will announce the two contest winners shortly!

Be sure to check my shop for these great new scents in about 2 weeks.

Friday, September 28, 2007

VOTE for YOUR Favorite THREE New Scents!

Vote Now in my Fall/Winter Scent Poll!

Choose the three scents you would most like to see in my Fall/Winter lineup!

If you would also like to be entered in my drawing for a free 3-pack lotion sampler featuring the three winning scents, please post your Etsy shop name or email here so I can contact you if you win!

Thank you!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall/Winter SCENT Contest!

It is time for me to put three new seasonal scents in my shop! I had a contest for my summer scents, and it was so much fun, I decided to do it again!

First of all, I need to gather suggestions before I compile a list for the final vote.

Please leave a comment here letting me know which scent(s) you would like to see!

I will put the name of each person in a hat for a drawing (make sure I have an email or Etsy shop name so I can contact you if you win). Each person gets ONE entry, but feel free to post as many suggestions as you like. The winner will receive a FREE lotion sampler pack of the three final winning scents!

Thanks so much! Here is the list of scents I already have (so please don't put these ones on your list!)

April Showers - like a fresh rain on a spring day
Au Naturale - unscented
Beyond Melon - eating melon at a summer's picnic
Chocolate Orange - ALMOST as good as eating chocolate!
Citrus Basil Breeze - great unisex scent - bold and clean
Coconut Lime Verbena - like a pina colada for your skin!
Elemental Bamboo - light woodsy floral, mellows nicely
Garden Sage - smells fresh from the herb garden!
Geranium - as spicy and sweet as the real deal!
Ginger Creme - ginger cookie topped with vanilla frosting
Green Tea & Cucumber - as fresh as it sounds!
Juicy Pear - mouthwateringly pear-like. A Best Seller!
Lavender - made with lavender essentail oil.
Lavender Vanilla
Lily of the Valley
Morning Rain - Like collecting raindrops off of flower petals
Mood Lifter - Smile! Orange, ylang-ylang, & chamomile
Orange Spice - a spicy & sensual orange scent for grownups!
Patchouli - earthy goodness
Sleepy Time - soothing lavender w/ StressFree aromatherapy
Spruce & Berries - like eating berry pie in the forest
Tangarine - sweet and tart - perfect!
Wild Strawberry - smells like it was freshly picked!
Winter Sunshine - fresh light floral w/ a hint of lemon

Also, Beyond Melon, Wild Strawberry, and Morning Rain will be retired till spring, so get them now while you can! :) I am trying to keep my scent list to 25 so as not to overwhelm myself!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Save lots of money tonight on amazing handmade products! Stop by Etsy and check out the weekly Saturday Night Special!

My sale is the 2nd one listed on page 2. Be sure to check it out if you are a fan of smooth skin and smelling good!

Lots of other great shops having sales too!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!!!

Oh, and Happy Birthday Isaac! My son is four years old today! Born on Talk Like A Pirate Day! Aargh!

Check out his super cute pics on the Talk Like A Pirate Day flickr page!

PLUS - In honor of this special day, I am offering 19% off my entire Etsy shop!

Just put TLAP in the notes to seller when you check out and I will send you an invoice later. Sale ends at midnight PST (3 am EST).

Monday, September 17, 2007

NEW Product! Yay!

I am excited to introduce a new product in the Right As Rain Creations bath & body line!

Peppermint Foot Cream!

A nice cooling foot cream that is sure to please! The consistency is like buttercream frosting, and it smells good enough to eat (but don't! lol)

I've been using some on my feet every night and after three days, I can already see a difference in my dry heels. Plus, it is cooling and refreshing! My feet are in love!

Coming soon. . . Two new scents in my lotion line: Blackberry Sage and Oak Leaves & Acorns! Plus, I am getting closer to delving into making shampoo! Look for shampoo in my Etsy shop sometime in October! :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Great Savings to Be Had!! :)

Check out the Saturday Night Special sale going on every Saturday night on Etsy. Many (hundreds) of Etsy sellers post special sales here and it is a great opportunity to stock up, browse, and save lots! :)

For instance, if you are a fan of my work (or are interesting in trying it out for the first time!) check out page two of the thread for my special! :) You can save up to 25%!!!

So run on over - sales in most shops end at midnight Hawaii time (6 am EST, I believe).
:) Megan

Sunday, August 12, 2007

If I Were . . . Having a Tea Party!

If I were having a tea party, these are a few must-have items from Etsy:

First of all, tea! TeaNoir has amazing hand-crafted loose leaf tea. I have had the Lady in Red blend, and it is the best tea I have ever made. And I am a tea snob!

In fact, I just bought some more, so I will have to show off this Red Hot - 4oz loose spicy rooibos chai instead! :)

Click the pic to go to the listing!

Of course, if you are going to drink delicious hand-crafted tea, you will need to drink it out of gorgeous hand-crafted teacups!

dbabcock has some amazing teacups in her shop - and she includes really cool saucers too!

Please check out her shop!

What else does one need for a tea party? How about some amazing shortbread!! These orange zest shortbread cookies made my mouth water just looking at them.

Ulljas is a licensed bakery, so you can rest assured you are getting a quality product from a clean & safe baking facility!

Oh, and I suppose I should also have a lovely teapot! This one by fancyfootwrkspottery tickled my fancy!
Plus, you get two free mugs, so I could even invite some friends to my tea party. Although that would mean having to share my cookies, hehe.
Click the pic to see this listing!

NOTE: all pics are "borrowed" from the Etsy website and remain the property of the individual sellers. Please do not use these photos for profit.

Poor Blog Getting No Love!

I have completely ignored you of late, oh blog. I am sorry!

But I have a good excuse! Ok, well it is an excuse - good or not.

We are having another baby!! My hubby is excitedly terrified of adding a third into the mix of craziness that is our lives, but I am pretty much ignoring how much work it will be and focusing on the baby part. My arms are already open and waiting to cuddle another little one!!

I have been much sicker to my tummy with this one. No actual sickness yet, though, just queasiness. That has lasted for about five days running. I have to eat every 1/2 hour or I pay. And if I overeat, I pay. Other than that and the rampant exhaustion, I feel great!

However, I am battling the bulge already. With my first, I didn't have to wear maternity clothes until week 16. With my 2nd, it was week 10. I am about 8-9 weeks right now (ultrasound to check for a more exact date is on Friday!) and I am having trouble finding pants that fit. It is like my body has a memory and thinks its job is to make my belly as round as possible as soon as possible. But I refuse to open the box of maternity clothes yet.

I just won't be leaving the house much in the next few days. Either that, or I will be looking quite nice in my sundress to run to the market for milk.

So, let the games begin, and let my life get even crazier! Bring it on!! Yeah!!! :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

I Discovered a Great New Website!!

Check out my profile at The Talent Database!

This is a great database with different "channels" that allow artists of all sorts to show off their talent and network with others.

I figure more exposure can't hurt, right? :) If you have talent, then sign up quick!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

NOTE: This Post Contains Poop.

Ok, so don't say I didn't warn you!

I am currently trying to poop toilet train our 3 year old. In fact, he will be four in September, and I need to get him trained before he starts preschool end of August.

We have tried:
1. letting him run around naked (he pooped on the floor and then played in it)
2. giving him rewards like m&ms.
3. Promising a big reward, such as a train for his Thomas the Tank Engine collection.
4. Taking away one of his current trains every time he poops his pants.
5. Making him sit on the potty till he poops (he just won't do it.)
6. Spanking him when he poops his pants (this was a last resort and, just like the experts said, only induced him to hold it longer and constipate himself silly).

We have had a few successes, but these are always followed by unmitigated disasters, such as yesterday when he pooped in his swim trunks. UGH! Cleaning poop out of mesh is NOT FUN. And that is a vast understatement.

Anyway, I have had a few emotional breakdowns along the way. The last one was Monday when I called my husband at work and left a hysterical sobbing message that after 7 poop incidents (not to mention our youngest's three poopy diapers) I just couldn't take the poop anymore and wanted to get a job and let someone else raise our kids for awhile.

Needless to say, I am still here and have yet to turn in one application. lol

My inate laziness kicked in and I realized that as hard as it is being a mom and raising two little boys, having a "real" job would mean getting dressed up, doing my hair, and wearing makeup. No thanks!

Plus it would mean someone else would be witnessing the moments when my boys make it all worth it - like the oldest walking up and giving his brother a hug and a kiss for no apparent reason! Or the youngest crawling into my lap and selflessly offering me a sip of his room-temperature chocolate milk he's been nursing all morning.

Ok, enough rambling. I do think my oldest looks like he needs to poop . . .

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

If I Were . . . Addicted to Bath & Body Products!

Oh, wait - I AM!!!! lol

Ok, here are a few things I have tried or want to try from the great Bath & Body folks at Etsy!!

I just ordered this deodorant from Sugarlips. I've been waiting to buy this for some time, and I finally got the money! Grapefruit Ginger was my scent choice, but she has plenty more! :)

Click the pic to visit this listing!

I have ordered this soap from Flameworks in the past. First off, it is very professionally packaged. The soap itself is gorgeous. I almost didnt' want to use it. Then you try it and it just is so silky and lovely to use and the scent is perfect! It also rinses clean, which is a big big plus!

I need to order more soon! Click the pic to go see for yourself!

So, what else do I need? Oh yeah! Shaving soap! I've never tried it before, and I am anxious to give it a try. Anything I can buy on Etsy instead of in a drugstore is good for all of us! :)
So my next purchase is going to be a bar of this by Gudonya. This one is Lavender Hills, but there are other scents available!
Click the pic to check it out!

Notice: All images remain the property of the etsy artists. Do not reproduce for commercial purposes.

Monday, July 9, 2007


Vote for Etsy!!,28804,1633488_1633458_1633474,00.html

Slide the voting bar all the way to the right, till it says 100 and click submit! Let's show the world how amazing Etsy and Handmade items are!!! :)

Friday, June 29, 2007

If I Were . . . Going on a Tropical Vacation!

If I were going on a tropical vacation, I would definitely want these Etsy items with me!

This spray gel would be a must for overly sunned skin - you know it happens no matter how careful you are!

Offered by simplepleasuressoaps, this spray contains skin healing and refreshing ingredients such as aloe, lavender, and peppermint!

Click the pic to go directly to the listing!

This beach bag is perfect for lugging towels, snacks, water bottles, sunscreen and all that good stuff to the beach!

By simplysavy, the bag has a vinyl bottom to keep your items dry, should you be surprised by a sneaker wave!

Click the pic and take a better look!

If I had the body of my dreams, then you would see me walking along that tropical beach wearing this bikini!

Offered by missbrache, anyone wearing this will have guys dreaming of shortcake and whipped cream!

Click the pic to go to the listing.

As always, these images are "borrowed" from the Etsy sellers, who maintain all rights - do not use for commercial purposes.

Vote for ME! :)

Yay! I just joined another craft site - and it has a shop list - If you would be so kind, I'd love some votes to keep my list towards the top! :) Thanks very much!

Vote For RightAsRainCreations

at Crafts Galore

Top Site

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

If I Were . . . Throwing a Party!

If I were . . . throwing a party, then I would definitely be checking out these items!

These fabric goody-bags are perfect for putting together take-home gifts for your party attendees! Throw a super cool tea-party then send the ladies home with one of these filled with a few small goodies! Think tea bag, mini soap, delicate cookie, or even one of my sample size lotions! :)

Click the pic to see this great listing by VictoriaArtsnCrafts!

Decorate your table with this fantastic confetti by MacheteConfetti. I love her stuff.

Different shapes and colors are available - and she sells "party favor" packs too!

Click the image to see the listing.

And last, but actually FIRST! - the invitations, of course! :)

I like Party Henry by SparkStationery! You can even get matching coasters!!

Click on the pic to see the Etsy listing.
As always, the images remain the property of the Etsy artists. Please do not use these images for commercial purposes.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

If I Were . . . an Art Gallery Owner!

If I Were . . . an Art Gallery Owner then I would want these amazing works hanging on my walls!

This digital print by MSArt is beautiful - in fact, I like tons of stuff in her shop!

I especially love nature though - and since I live surrounded by woods, this piece in particualar caught my eye.

Click the image to see the Etsy listing!

And I also love this piece by sellerogoods.

I am a sucker for color - but this piece also speaks to me on a spiritual level.

Click on image to go to the listing!

Now, I am not usually a big fan of still life paintings - but I love the colors in this piece and I love pottery, so I would want this on my gallery wall too.

Plus, Susarto is just amazing and deserves to be seen!

Click on image to go to the listing!

Images remain the property of the individual Etsy artists - do not use them for commercial purposes.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

When I should be Sleeping!

How many nights have I stayed up too late in the last six months because of Etsy? Chatting, commenting in the forums, browsing treasury lists? Obsessively refreshing my shop page to see if my views have gone up or I've made a sale?

It is ridiculous. Yet, I continue. Because I just love Etsy! I have always been a craft addict, and I finally found a place to call home - where most people understand exactly what I mean when I say I crave yarn, or lust after beads.

Ok, completely random post. And now I really will go get some sleep! :) Right after I check my shop one more time. . .

Monday, May 28, 2007

If I Were . . . A Working Girl!

If I Were . . . A Working Girl (in an actual office where I couldn't wear my flannel pajama pants!)

I would totally have to use this bag.

Love the look and the size! Perfect for carrying papers from office to home, in case I were a telecommunter part-time! :)

Bag by neikodesigns, click image to go to the listing!

These shoes would be a must, if I had an executive's salary! I love them. I might not get any actual work done while wearing them, though. I'd just sit and stare at my feet all day.

Made by zerkahloostrah. Click image to see the listing.

If I were the sort who could wear hats without looking like a nerdbucket, this is one I would choose. It would be a fantastic compliment to my MaryJanes above! :)

's hats are anything BUT boring!

Click the image to go to the listing!

Note: All images are "borrowed" from - all rights are retained by the individual Etsy sellers and should not be used for monetary gain.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

If I Were . . . A Little Girl!

If I Were . . . A Little Girl, I would want. . .

This adorable reversible top and capri pants set by GracieBird!

I love the colors and just think I would have looked fab in this as a toddler. :)

Click the image to go to the listing!

And I would want these adorable blue bird hair clips to match!

I love DaisyChain's shop! Just love it!

Click the image to go to the listing!

And of course, I would need something for my feet! :)

These soft soled sandals by minitoes are adorable!

Click the image to go to the listing!

Note: all images are "borrowed" from the individual Etsy sellers. Please do not use these images for profit.

Friday, May 18, 2007

If I Were . . . Eco-Friendly!

Ok, so I try to be eco-friendly already - but I know I can do better! Here are some things I'd like to buy on Etsy to further the cause, when I have the money. :)

Click on the pictures to go to the Etsy listings!

These swiffer replacement pads by QuiltingMama are so ingenious! I want to go buy a swiffer just so I can get these cloths.

Once I get my kitchen remodeled and hard flooring down (who carpets a kitchen anyway??) I plan on buying both!!

I would love to bring my own grocery bags to the store with me. This is another item on my eco-friendly "to do" list. There is quite a selection on Etsy. It was hard to choose!

I picked this one by chicaroja because the material was rescued! Double eco-friendly!

And who says having the girly flu has to be depressing? Try out these fun eco-friendly washeable pads! I want to!

Tamarack has great feedback and lovely patterns!
NOTE: All images are "borrowed" from the individual Etsy sellers. All rights are retained by the Etsy seller - do not reproduce for profit!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

If I Were . . . Pregnant!

If I were . . . pregnant (I'm not) then I would add these to my wishlist:

This diaper bag by PinkLemonadeBags is adorable! I love the prints and the colors. Plus it has three interior pockets to hold the small stuff. And it has a magnetic closure so if it tips, everything doesn't go spilling everywhere.

Click the image to see the listing!

This tummy time taggy pillow is brilliant! Baby gets tummy time, can play with the tags, or pull on the rings. Plus the love bug fabric is super cute!

Click on the image to go to the listing or visit HappyBabee for more great items!

Last, but certainly not least (there are so many things I'd want, I'll have to revisit this topic again later!). . .

This handcrafted baby powder looks lovely. I really do prefer buying my B&B products from handmade sources, the ingredients are usually so much better for you than store bought and the artificial and chemical additions are a lot less, if any!

The nice thing about powder is that a little goes a long way, so this would last!
Three cheers for SpaceMonkey!

Click the image to see the listing.

NOTE: All images are "borrowed" from the individual Etsy sellers. All rights are retained by the Etsy seller - do not reproduce for profit!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Blog Features. . .If I Were. . .

Welcome! I've decided to do a new fun blog feature called "If I Were. . ."

Every so often (I will aim for 2-3 times a week) I will post an Etsy item (or items) I would buy "If I Were. . ." someone specific or looking for something specific.

For example, my very first one is:

If I Were . . . a hippie chick in NYC, I would buy this:

I love this skirt! I love the colors and the drape,
and could totally see myself hanging out as a young
single hippie chick in NYC for some reason.

Skirt by LovePeaceAndDye.

Click the image to go to the listing.

And I would want this shoulder bag from BlackBags:

It has lots of pockets, an adjustable shoulder strap,
and a reinforced bottom to help it stand up when
you put it down.
Plus I love the calico fabric and the cute trim!
Again, click the image to go to the listing!

NOTE: All images are "borrowed" from the individual Etsy sellers. All rights are retained by the Etsy seller - do not reproduce for profit!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I've been Tagged!

Apparently this is a blog game where you tell seven interesting tidbits about yourself and then "tag" seven other bloggers to do the same and pass it on. So here goes, I am always willing to do anything once, and it is a fun way to meet each other.

1. I have a moth phobia. I know it is silly, but if a moth gets anywhere near me, I can NOT control my reaction, which is usually to hit the floor and crawl away screaming.

2. The Dr just told me on Monday that I have high cholesterol (at age 30! It runs in the family. . .) So I am supposed to give up butter and eggs, amongst other things. No way in hell I am giving up butter. Bring on the heart attack, I don't care. (Ok, so maybe I will use butter only on things where taste really matters - like toast.)

3. I have a birthmark on my arm that didn't show up until I was 12. My mother was convinced it was dirt and kept trying to wash it off for me, even though I told her it was a birthmark. She is a nurse and it still makes me a little happy that I was right and she was wrong.

4. I've only seen my dad cry two times. Once at his mother's funeral and the other time was my fault. I still harbor guilt over this, but at the same time, I am happy because it was proof that he loved me! (not that he doesn't prove it in many other ways!)

5. My husband is amazing in so many ways, but my favorite thing is to sit and watch him do artwork. I love him most in those moments. And also when he is playing with our kids.

6. If I could marry a food, I would be Mrs. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

7. Or Mrs. Steak.

And now for the seven people I am tagging:


Thanks! This has been fun! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pity Party - Table for Four?

Geez. Ok, so almost three weeks ago, my husband got T-boned on his way home from work (his third day at his new job). They still haven't decided whether or not to total the truck or repair it, which is annoying. He was fine, so was the guy who hit him, thank God.

Yesterday on my way home from my mom's, I got rear-ended in a three car crash. No one was hurt, my two boys were fine, and it wasn't my fault. But good grief! Now we have both our vehicles in need of repair. It is frustrating.

So, I am throwing a pity party for my family of four! Stop by my Etsy shop and save 15% on any two or more items! :) Just put "pity party" in the notes to seller and I will invoice you!

On a brighter note, my 3 1/2 year old thought being in an accident was the best thing ever! He hasn't stopped talking about it. I think I have heard about the car that knocked our bumper off and broke all its tail lights at least 134 times so far. ;) This has truly eclipsed Grandpa's tail light breaking accident back in October.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kids - I love em!

Ok, time for a business-free, totally personal blog entry!

My 3 1/2 year old son gets funnier every day. I just can't handle it. I spend all day either wanting to deck him for the annoying things he won't stop saying, or wanting to grab him up and squeeze the stuffin' out of him cuz he's so darn cute and funny!

Yesterday he woke up all cranky and I had a rough time getting him to settle down on the couch for a cuddle. After a few minutes I bonked his nose and said "Cute nose!" So he did the same thing back to me, hehe. Then he grabbed my face and said, "Mama, you're SO adorable!"

And the other day I was driving both boys across town. My 20 month old started to fuss and Isaac leans over toward his carseat and loudly whispers, "Hush! You be quiet, Thad, or Mama will flush you down the toilet!" I almost drove off the road laughing. The little stinker.

I just have to wonder, what will he say next? I also have to wonder, will my youngest ever start talking? 20 months old and he says "bob" and "yeah."

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Scents Have Arrived!!

Oh how I love getting UPS deliveries!

My new scents have arrived and I will be stocking my Etsy shop with the new lotions today and tomorrow! :)

I also have new gift bags available. Hand-painted wooden gift "bags" are perfect for giving a couple of my 4-oz lotions as a lovely gift.

The box/bag can be reused, too! Great as a desktop holder for pens or a tv remote holder! ;)

Check it out here! Three to choose from and more on their way!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Votes Are In and the Winners are. . .

Drum Roll Please!!!!!

Top Place goes to Green Tea & Cucumber!

Second place goes to Wild Strawberry!

And third place was a TIE!! Congratulations Morning Rain and Tangerine!!

I am ordering these lovely four scents TODAY - you should see them in my Etsy shop by the end of next week!

Since I had a tie in the voting, I also decided to have a "tie" in the contest drawing. My three year old son pulled two names out of the bowl. Congratulations to BrooklynButterfly and AddictedtoArt for each winning a 3-pack sampler from the new scents!! Visit their Etsy shops to say congrats!

Thank you everyone who gave me scent suggestions and came back to vote again! I had a lot more fun getting my newest scents this way than just picking them myself. I will definitely be doing this again in the future!!

Cheers! Megan

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions. I have taken a very long list of great scent ideas and narrowed it down to the Top 10! I chose these 10 based on what I can do and what people seemed to want. There is quite the variety here!

Vote for your TOP THREE choices. Voting ends Tuesday, April 3rd. I will tally the votes and announce my THREE new Spring/Summer scents on Wednesday, April 4th.

Each person who votes gets one entry in a drawing for a FREE 3-pack lotion sampler with the new scents!! So, please remember to include your etsy shop name so I can contact you if you win (or if you don't have an etsy shop, remember to check this blog on April 4th for the announcement of the winner!)


Wild Strawberry
Blackberry Sage
Morning Rain
Frankincence & Myrrh
Enchanted Apple
Green Tea & Cucumber
Bergamot & Chamomile

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Contest Winner!!

Congratulations to ArtGirlx, the winner of the 3-pack Lotion Sampler drawing! :)

Thank you to all who entered my Scent Suggestion Contest! I got some great ideas and will research what I can do and be back with a list of 10 to vote from. At that point I will run another contest! Wheeeee!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

NEW SCENT Contest!

I want to add three new spring/summer scents to my lotion line!

So I am having a contest! Leave a comment telling me which scent YOU want to see added. I will then pick the top 10 and have a vote! Everyone who leaves a comment with a scent suggestion gets one entry into a drawing for a FREE 3-Pack Lotion Sampler!! (I will have a seperate drawing once it is voting time)

3 Pack Sampler lists the scents I already have:

Contest is open for one week. On next Monday, March 25th, I will compile the scents suggestions. I will then do the drawing by Tuesday, March 26th. You may leave more than one comment with a scent suggestion but only one entry per person in the drawing, please, to keep the odds fair for everyone who participates.
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

New Etsy Items Listed!

I just added a few new items to my Etsy shop! Two new ACEOs! :)

Please check it out. I am trying to add scripting at the bottom of my blog to highlight a few Etsy shop items, but so far it is not working properly.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your day is going as great as mine is! (I am still riding on yesterday's high of getting my taxes done and filed, lol)

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Movin' On Up!!

Whee! I am moving up Jewelry by Tara's Top 100 (plus) Handmade Sites list! I am currently number 73 on the list of top Handmade Goods sites.

Check it out!

Click Here to Visit Jewelry by Tara\'s Top 100 Handmade Sites

This is a great place to link to a lot of fun sites selling handmade goods, too.

Ok, back to work. I've been selling lots of lotion lately and need to restock my lotion cupboard!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Eternally Optimistic!

Sometimes I crack myself up because I make no sense.

For instance. If you list 12 photo note cards and you get lots of views, but only three sales, you would think that maybe that is something that doesn't really sell well online and move on to something else!

Not me! No way. I decide to list ANOTHER photo note card. I just can't help myself. I love my photos (and my husband's too - some of them are his!) and I just have to share.

Plus, I keep taking more photos with cards in mind. So I better just make cards with them and hope and pray someday, someone will want some. I am running out of places to store them! Hehe.

:) Blessings to you today! Megan

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Every now and then I just get a little bit depressed. Down in the dumps. Frustrated, cranky, melancholy.

Today I went to church and got a kick in the pants! I have been re-inspired with the love God has for me and all the blessings He has given me and the amazing things He has done in my life! And once again His joy has spread throughout my soul and I can feel it glowing from within me again.

Funny how every time I get lazy and selfish and take my eyes off Him, I gradually head toward the abyss of depression. You think I would remember that and avoid it the next time, but - human being that I am - I always seem to take my eyes off the path and stumble.

Thankfully He is always willing to pick me back up again, brush me off, give me a hug (and sometimes a stern rebuke), and set me back on my feet again, holding my hand gently in His.

If you have never felt this awesome and amazing feeling, then I pray that you will open your Bible to the book of John. He loves you no matter what, but you will have so much more joy in your life if you accept His love!!

Blessings to you! Megan

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I love TEA!!!

Maybe it is because I have English blood in me (maternal grandmother, paternal grandfather), but I love tea. Especially fresh brewed loose tea. Even more especially hand-crafted fresh brewed loose tea.

So the other day I got some tea from a fellow Etsyan. Kate at TeaNoir is amazing. First of all, she is really nice. But second of all, she has AMAZING hand-crafted loose leaf tea!

I got some of the Lady in Red blend. It is a rooibos tea with hints of vanilla, cloves, and roses and I have to say it was about the best tea I have ever sipped! I added a little milk and sugar to it and just basked in the beauty of it!

So if you are a tea fan - and I know there are plenty of you out there! - then please, do YOURSELF a favor and check out TeaNoir's shop!

You won't regret it! :)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Pressure is ON!!

Well, my husband and I had "the talk" two nights ago. Yep. Come June I may have to get a part-time job. Ok, so that wouldn't be the end of the world, but when we started our family, our goal was that I would be able to stay at home with our kids full time until they started school. I did work part-time until my 2nd son was born, but since then I have been at home full time and it has been wonderful!

I did start up an online business selling my lotion (and other handmade items) as a way to supplement our income, but so far I am just not selling enough to make a difference. I am still hopeful that my Etsy sales will pick up momentum by the end of June and I won't have to go job-hunting. We will see how God leads us.

On another note, my youngest finally is healthy and happy again. He got some sort of stomach bug that really wrecked him for about 10 days. Poor thing. We took the boys to Arby's for dinner the other night. Our first dinner out in weeks. We all had fun and the boys got so many sips of our Jamocha milkshakes that they had quite the sugar high that evening. We had quite the fun time running around the house and wrestling! ;)

Well, thankfully, I did sell a few lotions yesterday, so I better get busy making them!
Thanks for stopping by and please say Hi! :) Megan

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Newest Scent to my Lotion Line!!

Can you say YUMMY? Good! Now, can you say CHOCOLATE ORANGE??

This newest scent is so delicious my mouth is watering just writing about it! The best testamonial (although this might be a deterrent to all those New Year's dieters) is that while making my first batch, my husband caved and had to run to the grocery store - 10 miles away - to get a chocolate orange candy bar!

A link to my new 8 oz Chocolate Orange Lotion! :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Just listed a new scarf!

Here is a picture of my newest scarf on Etsy! :)

I have a third one finished and coming soon!

All right, kids are in bed and they are both asleep! I am going to go have some fun - put my feet up, make some food that I don't have to share, pop in a non-cartoon video, and prompty fall asleep! hehehe.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

On A Roll

I am so happy! I have sold FOUR bottles of lotion in four days! My Etsy store seems like it is taking off, and I couldn't be more thrilled. So thrilled, in fact, that I plan on shutting down my eBay store next month. :)

If you are interested in some lovely handmade lotion, please check out my Etsy store at - I love making my lotion, I love using my lotion and I love selling my lotion to people who will (hopefully!) love using my lotion, too!

Ok, I better get my buns into the kitchen to make more lotion!! (How many more times do you think I will say "lotion" in this post? lol)

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I burnt myself on the edge of our wood stove this afternoon. My palms both have lovely thin burn lines across them. Thanks to God that they are THIN burns, not a large surface burn, but it still hurts. Plus I have these gigantic bandaids on them and so I am trying to care for my boys with awkward bandaged hands. Grrrrr. I am so mad at myself for being so clumsy.

I made a couple more sales and now I have to try to finish up my lotion labelling and packaging with bandaid hands, too. Should be interesting. :) I may have to email the recipient and apologize for the condition and placement of the label on the bottle, hehe.

Ok, better get to it since it will probably take three times longer than usual and I am hoping to make it to the post office today!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wheeee! Snow!!

I love snow. I love to see my yard covered in snow. So I was thrilled when it snowed all day yesterday. We now have seven glorious inches covering all the trees, grass, deck, fence - it is so beautiful! And instead of warming up immediately and melting away, it is a nice and toasty 20 degrees out. So the snow is still all sparkly fresh!

Ok, so some things I don't like about snow and cold weather. . .our electric bill, for one. Icy roads for another. Not being able to take the boys outside to play in it because it is TOO cold, yet they still can see it out the window and ask to go outside every 10 minutes.

Thaddeus (17 months) wasn't too thrilled about it yesterday. I pulled him around in his little sled and he was barely ok with that, but when I tried to get him to walk in it, he just stood still, like a stuffed bunny in his big puffy snowsuit, and refused to move. Isaac, however, finally has turned the corner. He is three and thinks snow is about the best thing EVER - which thrills his dad, because he is exactly the same way.

My husband is nuts over snow. If it is on the verge of snowing, he won't even sleep. He just lays in bed, staring out the window, waiting. It drives me crazy because if it does snow, he is too tired the next day to even really enjoy it, and if it doesn't snow, well, then he is just tired and crabby.

Anyway, here is a picture of our yard in the snow! :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Picture Day

Today we finally have a bright day, so I am hoping to take pictures of all the things I've finished and need to list. I have one scarf and several ACEOs to list. It is my first venture into selling in both areas, so I am excited and a little nervous to see how it goes. I will list these on Etsy only, since I htink that is the best and only place they will really sell. The ACEO prints I might sell on eBay, but I think I will reserve all originals for Etsy.

On the home front, the boys are finally over their colds. Me and hubby are draggin' still, but hopefully on the mend. Our youngest is watching Elmo right now and is in Elmo heaven. Our 3 year old is laying on his package of pull-ups under a blanket - one of his favorite things to do. Toddlers are so weird. We really hope he outgrows this strange habit before his peers find out about it. I can just picture him as an 9-year-old going to a sleepover at a friend's house and bringing his pull-ups along in the bottom of his sleeping bag, LOL.

Well, my tummy is rumblin' so I better go find something nutritous to put in it. Donut anyone? Hehe.

Sunday, January 7, 2007


Well, after surviving both boys having a nasty head cold, watching my husband succumb to it, and fighting it off myself for days, it happened. I woke up sick this morning.

So I missed church again (last week the boys were sick). Which is sad, because our pastor is leaving at the end of the month for 18 month service in Iraq as a chaplain. So now I only have two more chances to hear him preach before he leaves. I am so sad.

And it just won't stop raining! Usually I love rain (hence my name!) but I think we've gotten over 6 inches in the last week - four inches in one day alone!

HOWEVER - on a BRIGHTER NOTE!!!!! :) I sold some of my cards and lotion on eBay this morning, so that made me really happy! Plus, my three year old informed me out of the blue that I was "the best mama in the whole world." :) Awwwww, even with fishbowl head, I feel better all of a sudden!

God bless everyone who reads this!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

I love Saturdays!

I just love Saturdays. They are lazy days for me. My husband gets up with the kids so I can sleep in - one of my favorite things to do! :) Then I spend the day just lazing around, knitting, laying on the couch snuggling my kids, goofing off on the computer. I eventually make food for us all to eat. We usually end up eating breakfast for dinner - eggs or pancakes. It's great!

If I've made any sales on my handmade lotion since Tuesday, I have to go into town and go to the post office. I usually bring my three year old along, and we swing through the coffee shop on our way home to get mochas for Mama and Daddy and cookies for the boys. What better way to celebrate a sale than by spending my profits on goodies??? LOL

Then, in the evening, after the boys are in bed, I get to work on a puzzle. This is something I haven't gotten to do in three years, because it is impossible with little kids around. But for Christmas, my dad made the most beautiful wooden puzzle keeper, so now I can put the puzzle together on a felt-lined tray which slides into a storage case and I can slide the whole thing under my couch for safekeeping during the day! I am so happy!!

What do YOU do on Saturdays?? :)

First Blog Post! Yippee!!

I love blogging. It is a fantastic way to let everything flow out of me into the spacelessness of the internet. :)

Of course, for those of you reading this, maybe it is not so fantastic, LOL. I will try to be intelligable and not ramble too much.

I have my own business and invite you to check it out! I make my own lotion, from scratch - my own recipe, photo note cards, and I knit scarves. How's that for variety?

Feel free to check out my shops at any of the following locations:

Thanks for stopping by and check back soon to read more about me and my exciting life! :) Ok, it isn't all that exciting, but sometimes it is interesting and funny - I promise! Come Back! Soon! PLEASE!

I'm not desperate or anything, am I?