Monday, May 28, 2007

If I Were . . . A Working Girl!

If I Were . . . A Working Girl (in an actual office where I couldn't wear my flannel pajama pants!)

I would totally have to use this bag.

Love the look and the size! Perfect for carrying papers from office to home, in case I were a telecommunter part-time! :)

Bag by neikodesigns, click image to go to the listing!

These shoes would be a must, if I had an executive's salary! I love them. I might not get any actual work done while wearing them, though. I'd just sit and stare at my feet all day.

Made by zerkahloostrah. Click image to see the listing.

If I were the sort who could wear hats without looking like a nerdbucket, this is one I would choose. It would be a fantastic compliment to my MaryJanes above! :)

's hats are anything BUT boring!

Click the image to go to the listing!

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