Sunday, June 10, 2007

When I should be Sleeping!

How many nights have I stayed up too late in the last six months because of Etsy? Chatting, commenting in the forums, browsing treasury lists? Obsessively refreshing my shop page to see if my views have gone up or I've made a sale?

It is ridiculous. Yet, I continue. Because I just love Etsy! I have always been a craft addict, and I finally found a place to call home - where most people understand exactly what I mean when I say I crave yarn, or lust after beads.

Ok, completely random post. And now I really will go get some sleep! :) Right after I check my shop one more time. . .


Lynn - aka PinkPolkaDotPoodle said...

Ummm... yeah. You just described me.

And thanks soooooo much for the treasury inclusion.

Don't know what I did to deserve it, but I appreciate it.


Cara said...

I hear ya! I like your blog, you have good taste ;)