Friday, June 29, 2007

If I Were . . . Going on a Tropical Vacation!

If I were going on a tropical vacation, I would definitely want these Etsy items with me!

This spray gel would be a must for overly sunned skin - you know it happens no matter how careful you are!

Offered by simplepleasuressoaps, this spray contains skin healing and refreshing ingredients such as aloe, lavender, and peppermint!

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This beach bag is perfect for lugging towels, snacks, water bottles, sunscreen and all that good stuff to the beach!

By simplysavy, the bag has a vinyl bottom to keep your items dry, should you be surprised by a sneaker wave!

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If I had the body of my dreams, then you would see me walking along that tropical beach wearing this bikini!

Offered by missbrache, anyone wearing this will have guys dreaming of shortcake and whipped cream!

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As always, these images are "borrowed" from the Etsy sellers, who maintain all rights - do not use for commercial purposes.

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Happy House Quilts said...

Well it's not a yellow pokadot bikini but it's close enough...great post!!!