Saturday, August 25, 2007

Great Savings to Be Had!! :)

Check out the Saturday Night Special sale going on every Saturday night on Etsy. Many (hundreds) of Etsy sellers post special sales here and it is a great opportunity to stock up, browse, and save lots! :)

For instance, if you are a fan of my work (or are interesting in trying it out for the first time!) check out page two of the thread for my special! :) You can save up to 25%!!!

So run on over - sales in most shops end at midnight Hawaii time (6 am EST, I believe).
:) Megan

Sunday, August 12, 2007

If I Were . . . Having a Tea Party!

If I were having a tea party, these are a few must-have items from Etsy:

First of all, tea! TeaNoir has amazing hand-crafted loose leaf tea. I have had the Lady in Red blend, and it is the best tea I have ever made. And I am a tea snob!

In fact, I just bought some more, so I will have to show off this Red Hot - 4oz loose spicy rooibos chai instead! :)

Click the pic to go to the listing!

Of course, if you are going to drink delicious hand-crafted tea, you will need to drink it out of gorgeous hand-crafted teacups!

dbabcock has some amazing teacups in her shop - and she includes really cool saucers too!

Please check out her shop!

What else does one need for a tea party? How about some amazing shortbread!! These orange zest shortbread cookies made my mouth water just looking at them.

Ulljas is a licensed bakery, so you can rest assured you are getting a quality product from a clean & safe baking facility!

Oh, and I suppose I should also have a lovely teapot! This one by fancyfootwrkspottery tickled my fancy!
Plus, you get two free mugs, so I could even invite some friends to my tea party. Although that would mean having to share my cookies, hehe.
Click the pic to see this listing!

NOTE: all pics are "borrowed" from the Etsy website and remain the property of the individual sellers. Please do not use these photos for profit.

Poor Blog Getting No Love!

I have completely ignored you of late, oh blog. I am sorry!

But I have a good excuse! Ok, well it is an excuse - good or not.

We are having another baby!! My hubby is excitedly terrified of adding a third into the mix of craziness that is our lives, but I am pretty much ignoring how much work it will be and focusing on the baby part. My arms are already open and waiting to cuddle another little one!!

I have been much sicker to my tummy with this one. No actual sickness yet, though, just queasiness. That has lasted for about five days running. I have to eat every 1/2 hour or I pay. And if I overeat, I pay. Other than that and the rampant exhaustion, I feel great!

However, I am battling the bulge already. With my first, I didn't have to wear maternity clothes until week 16. With my 2nd, it was week 10. I am about 8-9 weeks right now (ultrasound to check for a more exact date is on Friday!) and I am having trouble finding pants that fit. It is like my body has a memory and thinks its job is to make my belly as round as possible as soon as possible. But I refuse to open the box of maternity clothes yet.

I just won't be leaving the house much in the next few days. Either that, or I will be looking quite nice in my sundress to run to the market for milk.

So, let the games begin, and let my life get even crazier! Bring it on!! Yeah!!! :)