Friday, May 18, 2007

If I Were . . . Eco-Friendly!

Ok, so I try to be eco-friendly already - but I know I can do better! Here are some things I'd like to buy on Etsy to further the cause, when I have the money. :)

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These swiffer replacement pads by QuiltingMama are so ingenious! I want to go buy a swiffer just so I can get these cloths.

Once I get my kitchen remodeled and hard flooring down (who carpets a kitchen anyway??) I plan on buying both!!

I would love to bring my own grocery bags to the store with me. This is another item on my eco-friendly "to do" list. There is quite a selection on Etsy. It was hard to choose!

I picked this one by chicaroja because the material was rescued! Double eco-friendly!

And who says having the girly flu has to be depressing? Try out these fun eco-friendly washeable pads! I want to!

Tamarack has great feedback and lovely patterns!
NOTE: All images are "borrowed" from the individual Etsy sellers. All rights are retained by the Etsy seller - do not reproduce for profit!

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Starrz85 said...

I know who carpets a kitchen!!

The same people who carpet a bathroom!

such a stupid stupid idea.