Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Blog Features. . .If I Were. . .

Welcome! I've decided to do a new fun blog feature called "If I Were. . ."

Every so often (I will aim for 2-3 times a week) I will post an Etsy item (or items) I would buy "If I Were. . ." someone specific or looking for something specific.

For example, my very first one is:

If I Were . . . a hippie chick in NYC, I would buy this:

I love this skirt! I love the colors and the drape,
and could totally see myself hanging out as a young
single hippie chick in NYC for some reason.

Skirt by LovePeaceAndDye.

Click the image to go to the listing.

And I would want this shoulder bag from BlackBags:

It has lots of pockets, an adjustable shoulder strap,
and a reinforced bottom to help it stand up when
you put it down.
Plus I love the calico fabric and the cute trim!
Again, click the image to go to the listing!

NOTE: All images are "borrowed" from the individual Etsy sellers. All rights are retained by the Etsy seller - do not reproduce for profit!

1 comment:

Mikael said...

Absolutly beautiful skirt, and even more lovely with that top.