Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pity Party - Table for Four?

Geez. Ok, so almost three weeks ago, my husband got T-boned on his way home from work (his third day at his new job). They still haven't decided whether or not to total the truck or repair it, which is annoying. He was fine, so was the guy who hit him, thank God.

Yesterday on my way home from my mom's, I got rear-ended in a three car crash. No one was hurt, my two boys were fine, and it wasn't my fault. But good grief! Now we have both our vehicles in need of repair. It is frustrating.

So, I am throwing a pity party for my family of four! Stop by my Etsy shop and save 15% on any two or more items! :) Just put "pity party" in the notes to seller and I will invoice you!


On a brighter note, my 3 1/2 year old thought being in an accident was the best thing ever! He hasn't stopped talking about it. I think I have heard about the car that knocked our bumper off and broke all its tail lights at least 134 times so far. ;) This has truly eclipsed Grandpa's tail light breaking accident back in October.

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