Sunday, December 9, 2007

Reason #683 Why I Love 4 Year Olds.

My son cracks me up.

We "encourage" him to eat food (he is a little bird eater who will sometimes take maybe three bites of a meal all day long, yet want to snack constantly) by telling him that eating healthy will help him grow tall or grow as strong as Daddy.

So yesterday he ate all his Mac'n'Cheese (I know, big sacrifice, right?) and he gets down and runs around the table to me and points to his toes.

"Look how tall I've grown Mom!"

As though the distance from his eyes to his toes had increased significantly! LOL - Yup, those toes sure look farther away, he must have grown taller!


clarelittle said...

Aww how cute. I have terminal empty nest syndrome and can't resist talking to little kids. It helped me through some pretty tough depression.
I now have 5 "fairy-godchildren" and 1 step-grandson who I dont get to see much.
Thanks for sharing the cuteness !

altjoujou said...

LOL! Kids are the greatest!
I miss those cute things they say.
If I could get a do-over, I would write them all down!
Enjoy your "little years"!