Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall/Winter SCENT Contest!

It is time for me to put three new seasonal scents in my shop! I had a contest for my summer scents, and it was so much fun, I decided to do it again!

First of all, I need to gather suggestions before I compile a list for the final vote.

Please leave a comment here letting me know which scent(s) you would like to see!

I will put the name of each person in a hat for a drawing (make sure I have an email or Etsy shop name so I can contact you if you win). Each person gets ONE entry, but feel free to post as many suggestions as you like. The winner will receive a FREE lotion sampler pack of the three final winning scents!

Thanks so much! Here is the list of scents I already have (so please don't put these ones on your list!)

April Showers - like a fresh rain on a spring day
Au Naturale - unscented
Beyond Melon - eating melon at a summer's picnic
Chocolate Orange - ALMOST as good as eating chocolate!
Citrus Basil Breeze - great unisex scent - bold and clean
Coconut Lime Verbena - like a pina colada for your skin!
Elemental Bamboo - light woodsy floral, mellows nicely
Garden Sage - smells fresh from the herb garden!
Geranium - as spicy and sweet as the real deal!
Ginger Creme - ginger cookie topped with vanilla frosting
Green Tea & Cucumber - as fresh as it sounds!
Juicy Pear - mouthwateringly pear-like. A Best Seller!
Lavender - made with lavender essentail oil.
Lavender Vanilla
Lily of the Valley
Morning Rain - Like collecting raindrops off of flower petals
Mood Lifter - Smile! Orange, ylang-ylang, & chamomile
Orange Spice - a spicy & sensual orange scent for grownups!
Patchouli - earthy goodness
Sleepy Time - soothing lavender w/ StressFree aromatherapy
Spruce & Berries - like eating berry pie in the forest
Tangarine - sweet and tart - perfect!
Wild Strawberry - smells like it was freshly picked!
Winter Sunshine - fresh light floral w/ a hint of lemon

Also, Beyond Melon, Wild Strawberry, and Morning Rain will be retired till spring, so get them now while you can! :) I am trying to keep my scent list to 25 so as not to overwhelm myself!


CoraLea said...

I like the sound of Ginger Creme - I have a real thing for ginger!

and by the way You've been tagged!
See my blog for more details :)

elaine said...

How about roses ?

Simply Wired said...

Yippeeee! I like comments...count me in! I just selected my top three from your poll. Thanks!