Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Prepping for Fugly's Grand Opening!

I opened a 2nd shop on Etsy back in September. Yeah, I know - like I don't have enough going on!

But, I wanted to streamline my RightAsRainCreations shop into just my fabulous Bath & Body products.

So all that other stuff I just love making had to go somewhere! And so it did - check out my Fugly shop! I am still adding new items. I plan to have a grand opening in just THREE days! Friday February First, in fact! :)


Art, jewelry, knitted goods, paper goods, note cards, and MORE!


Debs said...

Rainy, you do know it's only the 22nd Feb today, right? I'm assuming that you've just post-dated that post.
Anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog, and now that I've found yours I'm sure I'll be back :-)

Right As Rain Creations said...

Yes - I had my grand opening on Feb 1st, such as it was. And now my poor shop is back to being ignored by me again, lol.

Ashton's Art said...

your new shop looks great and you already have one sale! yay for you!

creationsbycorina said...

Hi there - I just found you on Etsy Moms and felt compelled to check out your shop and blog, because I saw you live in Bellingham! I lived there for ten years, but for the past six years I've been living in Marblemount, WA, in the wilderness of the North Cascade Foothills. I have two little boys as well, and an Etsy shop (http://www.creationsbycorina.etsy.com).
You have a lovely shop, and it sounds like you are just as busy as I am!
Nice to meet you!