Saturday, May 24, 2008

What A Nice Birthday Week!

Today is my birthday! Well, for 10 more minutes anyway. :)

My whole week was pretty great. Tuesday I added more products to my table in the crafters' co-op I was invited to join.

Wednesday I had my sugar scrub featured in the "Etsy Finds" email, and received four orders for a total of six scrubs sold! Not to mention the shop exposure I got!
See my sugar scrub here.

And today was my birthday and we went to my folks' house. My mom made her famous potato salad and I totally pigged out (hey, nursing moms are allowed to do that, right? Right!)

My husband gave me a "free day pass" so I can spend a full day all to myself one of these weekends. My parents gave me a gift card to Best Buy so I can get the WiiFit, once they get more in (yeah, none of us thought to reserve it.)

Now if only my kids would sleep in till 10 am tomorrow! I'm not holding my breath though. Our middle one loves waking up at 5:30 am. If I hadn't given birth to him myself, I'd doubt he really was my son!

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