Friday, August 1, 2008

It's Ok to Call Me the Muppet Junkie.

I know. I just posted last week about Season Three of the Muppet Show.

I was so excited about it that I'd already watched all four discs through about five or six times and was already craving more.

So I bought Season Two, and I think I might love it even MORE! :) Season Two has more guest stars I recognized than Season Three had. Favorites like John Cleese, Steve Martin, Julie Andrews, George Burns, and Bob Hope!

This set also has the sketch where the Swedish Chef makes "Chocolate Moose"! Ahhh, classic Muppet stuff! :)

Also, check out these great new clips posted on YouTube! The originators are "unknown" but it is believed these are official clips from the Muppets franchise.

Now all I need is Season One and I'll be all caught up Muppet-wise.

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Ladybuggz said...

So far I've had Season 1 and part of 2 out. It's nice to see all the episodes, but I preferred the Best of the Muppets discs. Brian Henson introduced each episode with some trivia about the star or production.