Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Way Cell Phones Have Changed the World

I don't really have anything against cell phones - much. I mean, they are handy in an emergency, even if they are annoying in public restrooms (seriously - how difficult is it to relieve your bodily functions and then call your BFF Tammy?) A cell phone is great if you are at the grocery store and can't remember if you have enough olive oil in the cupboard for that dish you were going to make for dinner and your husband is home giving the kids a bath so you get to actually shop in peace!

However this episode cracked me up and then made me realize how times have changed.

I had run to Target the other morning with my boys and I ran into my BFF Kim. This was unusual since I usually only shop in the evenings so I can leave my kids behind with Daddy and she tends to shop during the day while her kids are in school.

So we chat for a few minutes, even though we'd just had a playdate with our kids the afternoon before. Then her cell phone rings. Nothing unusual in that - it is becoming quite common place. But then I hear her say "Mom!"

Wait - didn't she tell me she was here with her mom?

"...where are you?"

Yup. Her mom had called her on her cell phone within the same shop in order to find her. Whatever happened to the days of parents and children hollering at each other across the top of the aisles? Oh, society! How you've progressed!

My friend walks to the end of the aisle and peeks out. "Mom, I'm eight feet away. Turn around!"

My favorite part is that while my friend just hangs up her phone, her mother properly says, "Oh there you are! Good-bye!"


Debs said...

I'm sorry to say I've done that more than once!

PamperingBeki said...

I don't even own a cell phone. ha!

I'm such a pioneer girl.

niftyknits said...

I've managed to buy a phone that doesn't work where I live. go figure.

Ladybuggz said...

I have to say we do that. Otherwise, one of us goes round and round the store looking for the other!

Right As Rain Creations said...

LOL Debs!

Beki - I only own a pay-as-you-go phone, I keep it in my car for emergencies.

nifty - that is why I only have the one in my car for emergencies - we don't get cell reception where I live, or it is very spotty at least!

Buggie - that is half the experience of the whole family going shopping though! LOL

Darren said...

I'm guilty, too. It's just so easy.

uniquecommodities said...

It is kind of hilarious the things we do with our cellphones. my daughter will call me from her room! The lazy booger!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I have a prepaid phone as well and I only ever use it on the rare occasions when I am out without the spouse. Since I don't drive and we live in AZ-that is not often.

I will however e-mail my husband from the back fo the house to the front to ask him to bring me a cold beer

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